SSIS Performance Design Patterns

Here are the slides (all 177 of them) for the SSIS Performance Design Patterns talk that I’ve delivered at three different pre-conference events over the past month. Each presentation was slightly different, but the core content remained the same. These events included:

The version posted here is from the SQL Bits event.The recording from this event be posted online in the next few weeks – be sure to check the site!


7 Responses to “SSIS Performance Design Patterns”

  1. Raunak says:

    Excellent Matt. Thank you for the sharing the presentation.

  2. ramesh says:

    wonderful presentation and its helpful

  3. dave says:

    Is it not possible to download this presentation?

  4. mattmasson says:

    You should be able to download the presentation from the online viewer.

  5. […] One of the resources that describes some of the more standard methods is Matt Masson’s presentation SSIS Design Patterns. […]

  6. ArthurZ says:

    Issue getting the slides here.
    I am getting a message "This item won't load right now." Clicking it takes me to my SkyDrive where I see nothing new.
    If I go to… I cannot find session "SSIS Performance Design Patterns".

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