SSIS Catalog

Publish to SSIS Catalog using PowerShell

Here is a PowerShell script that I use to provision and setup SSIS Catalogs when I’m demoing SQL Server 2012. It does the following: Connects to localhost (default instance) Drops the existing SSIS Catalog Creates a new SSIS Catalog Creates a Folder Deploys a Project Creates an Environment Creates three server varaibles Creates an environment … Continued

What Events are Included in the SSIS Catalog Log Levels

Logging Levels Packages run through the SSIS Catalog can automatically have their logs captured in SQL Server 2012. The SSIS Catalog provides four different log levels – None, Basic, Performance, Verbose. The default log level is Basic. The table below shows which SSIS events are captured in the [catalog].[operation_messages] view in the four logging levels. … Continued