SSIS, DQS and MDS Training at SQL Saturday #229 | Dublin, Ireland

I’m honored to be invited back to this year’s SQL Saturday Dublin event. I must have done a decent job last year on my SSIS Design Patterns pre-conference session, because I’ve been asked to do another one this time around as part of their Training Day (June 21st).

This year I’ll be doing a full day training session on Enterprise Information Management, which greatly expands upon one of my more popular talks about combining SSIS, DQS and MDS. The session will include some advanced SSIS topics (such as automation and dynamic package generation), and some of the main SSIS design patterns for data warehousing. The abstract is included below:

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is an industry term for technologies to manage your data for integration, quality, and governance. This full day training session will show you how Integration Services (SSIS), Data Quality Services (DQS), and Master Data Services (MDS) work together to provide a comprehensive EIM solution in SQL Server 2012. Focusing on Data Warehousing scenarios, we’ll explore the key steps needed to build such a solution, from the beginning (planning, benchmarking), to data curation (cleansing, matching, managing dimensions), to data loading using SSIS. We’ll also touch on some advanced data warehousing ETL design patterns, such as change data capture (CDC), slowly changing dimension processing, and automation.


Course Modules

  • Data cleansing and matching
  • Reference data management
  • SSIS design patterns
  • Incremental data loading
  • SSIS deployment, management, and monitoring
  • Automation

Registration details can be found on the Prodata site.

The session schedule hasn’t been posted yet, but I see that a number of people submitted interesting SSIS sessions to the conference. I see a lot of big names from the SQL community, and expect there will be an awesome turnout (just like last time).

I submitted a brand new session entitled Cats, Facebook, and Online Dating with Microsoft BI that I hope will be accepted. I’ll show the SSIS demos I’ve done for the BI Power Hour (2011 | 2012), how I built them, and the lessons that I learned throughout. I’ll try not to make it too egotistical (“Hey look at me and how I made people laugh that one time!”), and try to provide content that attendees will find useful.

Oh, who I am kidding? I’ll totally be showing off Mr. Wiggles.

Hope to see you there!

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