Presenting at SharePoint Conference 2014

I’m looking forward to attending and presenting at my first SharePoint Conference next week in Las Vegas! I’ll be presenting two Power BI deep dive sessions (1):

#SPC397 – Deep Dive on the Data Management Gateway in Power BI for connectivity to on premise and hybrid scenarios

The Data Management Gateway is the key to getting On Prem data into the cloud for analysis. This session will talk in depth about the new features in Power BI to connect to on premise data sources for hybrid scenarios.

#SPC328 – Deep dive on self-service data retrieval with Power Query

Excel has been able to import data for a long time. Power Pivot allowed you to import data from more sources into the far more powerful and efficient xVelocity engine. These are fairly straightforward extraction and loading functions. However, any real data shaping functions have always been left to proper ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) products like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Power Query adds the “T” part of ETL to Excel and the “Power” line of BI products. This session will demonstrate several of the new options available to data import with Power Query, and walk a real-world data acquisition scenario to demonstrate the unique capabilities of Power Query. When complete, the query will be published into Power BI, where some of the new discoverability features will be shown. After attending this session, you should have a good idea of what Power Query is, where and how it can be used, and what it can do.

Hope to see you there!



(1) – The conference turned my offer to be the keynote speaker, opting to go with President Bill Clinton instead. Will he put on a better show? I suppose only time will tell… either way, he probably knows a lot more about SharePoint than I do.

Links from the SSIS Roadmap Session

Here are some of the resources I mentioned in the SSIS Roadmap session at the PASS Summit.

SSIS Reporting Pack from Jamie Thomson



DQS Matching Transform from OH22 Data



DQS Domain Value Import Destination from OH22 Data


There is also a great series of blog posts (part 1, part 2, part 3) on using these transforms on the DQS team blog.

Data Feed Publishing Components


SSIS Content from PASS Summit 2013 on PASS TV

You can now stream sessions from the 2013 PASS Summit on-demand from the PASStv site. There’s a lot of amazing content on there, including the Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes. If you’re interested in SSIS (and if you’re reading this, there is a good chance you are), there are two SSIS focused sessions available:

Skylanders Power View Workbook

I had a lot of requests for the Skylanders BI Application I showed off at the BI Power Hour, so I’ve made it available on skydrive. For those that missed it, the “app” is an Excel workbook which uses Power View (on top of Power Pivot) that I created to help my kids made better decisions as to which toys they should buy.


The content in the workbook comes from the Spyro wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

BI Power Hour at PASS Summit 2013

A big thank you to the PASS Summit 2013 attendees who made our BI Power Hour a great success! I have to admit I was a little worried when we lost all power 15 minutes before the session started (highly ironic that we lost power before the BI Power Hour devoted to Power BI), but I was encouraged when the audience started planning a hostile takeover of Paul Randal’s session room next door. but everything came back up just in time. We packed the ballroom, showed off some great functionality,  and only had one injury from the all of the flying swag. Reading through all of the #BIPH tweets after the session was very entertaining – we really appreciate all of the audience participation. This might have been our best Power Hour yet!

PASS 2013 BI Power Hour Audience #biph

PASS Summit 2013

Wow, has it really been two months since my last blog post? I guess I’ve been busy!

I’ve been hard at work on SSIS and some components for Power BI. I hope to blog about all of the fun projects I’ve been working on this past year, but in case I don’t get a chance, you can come hear me talk all about it at this years PASS Summit!

Yes boys and girls, I’ve once again tricked the conference organizers into letting me present at the Summit. No SSIS pre-cons this year, but I’ll be doing a total of 4 sessions that span SSIS and Power BI topics.

My favorite session – the BI Power Hour – will once again be educating audiences with a set of carefully selected, thought-provoking demos, that will in no way revolve around cats or tapping things. We’re honored to be a Spotlight session this year, and have a killer lineup of presenters. We’re hoping to have enough seats for everyone this year (rather than having people sitting on the floor and in the aisles like last year) – but you might want to get there early just in case.

I’ll be presenting an SSIS Roadmap session, showing off some of the cool new things we’ve been working on.

I’ll also be co-presenting a couple of Power BI sessions – an all up, end to end session (Power BI – This is How We Do It) with many of my co-presenters from the BI Power Hour, and a session which takes a deeper look at the components which allow corporate data source access from SharePoint Online (Power BI and the Data Management Gateway).

I’m really looking forward to another great Summit – hope to see you in Charlotte!

SQL Saturday Dublin – this weekend!

Less than a week to go before the next SQL Saturday Dublin event!

I’ll be presenting a fun session at the main event (Cats, Facebook, and Online Dating with Microsoft BI), and doing a full day training session this Friday (6/21). If you are interested in learning more about SSIS, DQS, and MDS, please see the Prodata site for details.

Hope to see you there!



Advanced SSIS Catalog presentation from TechEd North America 2013

Matthew Roche (blog | twitter) and I teamed up once again to present an advanced SSIS Catalog session at TechEd North America 2013 – Deep Inside the Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Server. The video and slide deck are now available on the Channel9 site. The slide deck actually contains 10 additional slides that we didn’t have time to cover during the regular session (with some further details about the security model).

I want to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended, and to all the great feedback we got. It can be tough doing a 400 level SQL session at TechEd, and while I could see some people’s heads spinning, it sounded like most people were able to learn something new.

The TechEd team picked an excellent preview picture for the session (below). It comes from Matthew’s intro – you’ll have to watch the video to see how he worked a picture of kittens into a 400 level SSIS session.


If you didn’t already know, Channel 9 has many TechEd presentations available online. You can see recordings of my previous events on my speaker page, and Matthew’s as well.

Presentations Galore!

I’m mentally preparing myself for a whole slew of upcoming conferences / speaking engagements over the next month and a half. I love talking about SQL Server technologies, and I’m honored that I’ll have so many chances to do it in the next few weeks!

Please come see me at one (or more) of the following events:

Webcast: Developing Extensions for SSIS | 2013-05-22

Andy Leonard will be joining me to present a Developing Extensions for SSIS webcast on May 22nd. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to present a code heavy session like this, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be using this session as a dry run for a talk I’ll be giving at the DevTeach conference in Toronto the following week, so feedback will be much appreciated.

Andy has a great blog series about creating custom SSIS Tasks, and his company (Linchpin People) recently released an SSIS Event Task. I plan on expanding on the content in Andy’s blog posts a little bit, and talk about some of the key things you need to know when building an SSIS Data Flow component.

The abstract for the talk is available below, and registration page can be found here.


Join Matt Masson and Andy Leonard for a discussion and demonstrations on extending SSIS with custom tasks and data flow components. This code heavy session walks you through the creation of a custom SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Task, and a custom Data Flow component. If you’ve ever thought of customizing SSIS functionality beyond what you can do with scripting, this talk is for you! All examples will be in coded in C#, and made available following the session.