Presenting at SharePoint Conference 2014

I’m looking forward to attending and presenting at my first SharePoint Conference next week in Las Vegas! I’ll be presenting two Power BI deep dive sessions (1):

#SPC397 – Deep Dive on the Data Management Gateway in Power BI for connectivity to on premise and hybrid scenarios

The Data Management Gateway is the key to getting On Prem data into the cloud for analysis. This session will talk in depth about the new features in Power BI to connect to on premise data sources for hybrid scenarios.

#SPC328 – Deep dive on self-service data retrieval with Power Query

Excel has been able to import data for a long time. Power Pivot allowed you to import data from more sources into the far more powerful and efficient xVelocity engine. These are fairly straightforward extraction and loading functions. However, any real data shaping functions have always been left to proper ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) products like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Power Query adds the “T” part of ETL to Excel and the “Power” line of BI products. This session will demonstrate several of the new options available to data import with Power Query, and walk a real-world data acquisition scenario to demonstrate the unique capabilities of Power Query. When complete, the query will be published into Power BI, where some of the new discoverability features will be shown. After attending this session, you should have a good idea of what Power Query is, where and how it can be used, and what it can do.

Hope to see you there!



(1) – The conference turned my offer to be the keynote speaker, opting to go with President Bill Clinton instead. Will he put on a better show? I suppose only time will tell… either way, he probably knows a lot more about SharePoint than I do.

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