Recent site outage

Hi all,

A big thank you to everyone who pinged me over the past few days about this site being down. It’s always good a reminder of how many people read this blog on a daily basis!

As you can see, the site is now up! It went down sometime on 3/19 due to combination of malicious hacking, a bad automatic update, and an insane amount of comment spam. I’ve essentially had to reset everything to resolve the issues. I’ve imported past posts already… please bear with me as I continue restoring things to the way they were over the next few days.



I started an SSIS blog (“SSIS Stuff”) shortly after joining the SQL Server Integration Services product team back in 2006. The blog was eventually rebranded as the SSIS Team Blog, and is now one of the more popular blogs on MSDN. There was only one problem – only one person could post new articles to the site. As a result, I always treated it as “my blog”. Now that the platform allows multiple authors, I decided to move “my blog” to a site I can truly make my own. I’ll still be occasionally posting to the SSIS Team Blog, but most of the content will be coming from other members of the team.

I’ll be using this site to provide SSIS information and tutorials, as well a place where I can post content for the SSIS sessions I present (which are becoming more and more frequent).