Monitoring SSIS package executions

Question: When we run SSIS in development (from SSDT/BIDS), we can see the progress of the job, with all of the steps highlighted in yellow, red or green. Is there a way to display this same status information when the packages run in production?

You have a number of options when it comes to monitoring SSIS packages at runtime. In 2005/2008, you needed to create your own solution (based on SSIS logging, or custom logging approaches). In 2012, you now have built in reporting and monitoring from the SSIS Catalog (although the previous methods still work as well). There are a number of third party and open source logging frameworks and monitoring solutions, and of course you can always roll your own using the SSIS APIs.

A quick search turned up a number of options (some of which I wasn’t previously aware of):

SSIS Catalog (2012)

All versions

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  1. Unfortunately, all of the options above involve editing your existing packages to include additional code or worse convincing your development team to adopt a new framework. This could take time and depending on your solution substantial cost.

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